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KudProject is a solo project that was started in March 2016 with KudTW for Galaxy J2 LTE (j2lte), which later renamed to KudKernel in later releases before discontinued shortly after due to lack of actual device and testers. KudKernel was also available for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 (ja3gxx, previously i9500), also to have it discontinued sooner.

The first “real” project under KudProject flag was KudKernel for Xiaomi Redmi 3/3 Pro (ido) (which later renamed to Chtolly Kernel in future releases) and several (un)official aftermarket Android distributions for a few number of devices.


KudProject works are available for these devices:

In addition to GitHub, KudProject is also available on GitLab for several projects, read-only.

Active Projects


Downloads are usually provided on my VPS, my webserver (RIP, 2017-2018) and AndroidFileHost. However, for KudKernel for mido, downloads are also provided on GitHub releases of the source code.

Statistics (Unfinished)

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